Pobol-Y-Cwm encourages men not To Suffer in Silence


An actor, who plays a domestic abuse victim in an S4C soap opera is encouraging victims to speak out and confide in a friend or ask a charity for help.

Over the past few months Pobol y Cwm viewers have been shocked as Sioned's psychological and physical torment over her husband Ed worsens. The soap wanted to do justice to the story, and spoke to charity Safer Wales, who help domestic abuse victims in Wales. Simon Borja is Safer Wales's Director of Project Development and he's pleased that Pobol y Cwm are raising the issue.

"The Safer Wales 'Dyn project' is the only dedicated service in Wales that supports men who experience domestic abuse. We support many hundreds of men across Wales. We have been advising Pobol y Cwm on this storyline which included the cast members meeting a man we protected. Safer Wales welcomes Pobol y Cwm's decision to tackle such a sensitive subject and help other men come forward for support"

Geraint Todd plays helpless victim Ed; and the actor admits things are about to take an even darker turn this week, as he tries to defend himself from his abusive wife, Sioned.

"The way that society is structured has meant men are traditionally seen as the stronger sex, and if men are suffering from domestic abuse, they're afraid to speak out. But thankfully things are gradually better, with men and women seen more equal nowadays, but there's still a long way to go. It's important for sufferers to speak to charities like Safer Wales, there are wonderful people offering support out there," says Geraint, who grew up in Pontypridd, but now lives in Cardiff.

"As part of my research into Ed's abuse I spoke to a victim, and hearing his story stunned me. He made me realise that this storyline is very real and needs to be talked about. Sometimes in soaps, stories become melodramas, but as a result of our close relationship with Safer Wales this story is raw and honest.

"Ed loved Sioned at the start of their relationship and was willing to live with her temper; but as the abuse continues his feelings change and he's now afraid of her. She's knocked his confidence, and he's unable to fight.

"Ed feels he's unable to confide in his friend Kelly who is aware of the abuse. Although she helps and supports him, he can't fully trust her."

But as Sioned's grasp on Ed gets stronger, will he be able to escape the violence? Things are about to take a dramatic turn in Pobol y Cwm this week.

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