Fair goers reminisce with the Attic Project

Cathays Community Fair, Pentyrch Street, Saturday 15th June 2pm – 5pm

At 1.30pm the sun was shining with a little drizzle of rain expected sporadically throughout the afternoon.  We set up stall, and waited for people to arrive at 2pm.  We were not disappointed, lots of people attended and more than a little bit of drizzle hit us a few times. Were we bothered? Nope.  

Our table was full with items for people to browse and reminisce over: an arcade game (Space Invaders J), a turntable and some LP’s, a crocheted blanket, a shoe and many more.  With our brightly packed table, our highly prized pens and mugs, sunshine, rain and lots of visitors we started the afternoon rockin’ and rollin’ to the sounds of local band The Plucking Fourstrings.

We invited people to share memories related to things, and so many people did, thank you! Here are some examples:

China dolls: “I remember having a few china dolls as a child - I quite liked their hair and frilly clothes. It has to be said, as I got older their face began to take on a sinister vibe - it’s a happy / freaky memory!”

Space Invaders:  “I remember playing space Invaders with my friends from school in Words and Music on Wellfield Road. Trying to get the high score then getting there and someone else beat me. Good times”

Accordion: “My Nana used to play to me, it was old, dusty and not working properly but she always persisted in playing ‘Little Donkey’ to me. I was always in awe for some reason. We dug it out the other day and I remember how to play it!”

The Attic Project, a declutter and reminiscence initiative, is funded by the National Lottery Community  fund and is a partnership project between Safer Wales and Care & Repair.  We support vulnerable people over the age of 50 to declutter, to make space for adaptations and repairs and to live safely and independently at home.

We are looking for volunteers to get involved in the project and attended the fair to talk about all the ways people can get involved. As an Attic volunteer you might choose a role that helps people to declutter, or you might create a way to record memories by capturing stories and images of people’s possessions, you could help run a stall at an event or maybe support project development in some way.

Contact Jo to find out more:  Jo Harry email joh@saferwales.com or telephone 02920 220 033. Jo works 10.00 to 16.30 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week, but you can contact her outside these hours and leave a message.