Domestic abuse can happen to anyone. We work with men across Wales who are experiencing domestic abuse of any kind, and we provide them with access to support services and safety. 

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Help for Men

Every man has a right to feel safe.

Domestic abuse is about power and control of one person over another, and it can happen to anyone. Our Dyn Project provides support to heterosexual, gay, bisexual and trans men who are experiencing abuse from a partner.

We provide confidential support and help for men affected by domestic abuse to find the best available services in their local area. This includes safety planning, signposting to services across Wales, advice and emotional support

Are you at risk? 

Has your partner ever:

  • Tried to control you?
  • Intimidated you?
  • Shouted at you?
  • Threatened to hurt or kill you?
  • Withheld money from you?
  • Threatened to take your children away?
  • Called you offensive or insulting names?
  • Tried to control your movements?
  • Stopped you from contacting family or friends?

If you have faced any of this kind of treatment from your partner, you may be experiencing a form of domestic abuse.  

Get help now

Call the Dyn Wales Helpline for support and advice on 029 2034 9970 (open Monday to Friday 10am–4pm)

For 24-hour support, call the Live Fear Free Helpline on 0808 80 10 800